Giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)

© E. D. Siffert

Myrmecophaga tridactyla
"Scientific Illustration" series

Giant anteater with her baby

Fine art print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 paper

marcador Size 30 x 40 cm (approx. 11.8 x 15.7 inches): US$40

Very limited edition. Only 10 prints.

© E. D. Siffert

Detail: baby

About the original art featured in this limited edition prints:

© E. D. Siffert

Myrmecophaga tridactyla
"Scientific Illustration" series

Giant anteater with her baby

Colored pencils on paper
A3 (42 x 29,7 cm)

The original drawing isn't available for sale.

Drawing of a female giant anteater carrying her baby, made with colored pencils on paper. References: photographs and anteaters from the Belo Horizonte City Zoo.

About the giant anteater:

Scientific name: Myrmecophaga tridactyla
Classification: xenarthran mammal
Species from Brazilian fauna: yes.

The giant anteaters (Myrmecophaga tridactyla), the largest of the anteaters, can be found in Central and South America and is easily recognized by its elongated snout and distinctive coat, especially its large bushy tail.

It feeds mainly on ants and termites, using its front claws to excavate anthills and termite mounds and its long tongue to collect the insects.

The species is threatened by the degradation of its habitat and by hunting, in addition to being a victim of fires and roadkill.

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