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marcador 2023 May 03: Information updates and minor changes made to the site organization and home page.

marcador 2022 October 01: Site revamped. In addition to the new look and organization, the site is now more responsive to make it easier to read in mobile devices.

The Artist

Enaile Siffert, fine artist and visual artist; painter, designer, illustrator...

"Nature inspires me and fantasy gives me wings. I go from realism to abstract, from classic to stylized, from academic to contemporary... I like to move freely through themes, styles and materials, without formulas or creative constraints; but never without quality and technical improvement." (Enaile D. Siffert)

The Site

This site contains images and information on the artwork of the brazilian artist Enaile D. Siffert and it is available in English (this version) and Portuguese.

The site is organized in two main parts: Information and Gallery.

The Information section has general info about the artist and her artwork such as about the artist, contact, rights, prints, originals, services and licensing.

The Gallery section features some of the artworks by the artist, with images and information, and it has 3 sections: For Sale (originals, prints and other products), Paintings & Drawings (some of the paintings and drawings by the artist) and Other (examples of other arts and crafts works by the artist such as restorations and cutomizations).

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