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   Mythology and Folklore   

Myths (from Greek "mythos", story, legend, plot) are sacred stories concerning the origins of the world and its creatures. In a very broad sense, any traditional story can be a myth. Folklore are the traditions (legends, music, dance, etc) of a culture or group.

Here are some of my drawings and paintings featuring assorted mythological and folkloric themes.

phoenix illustration The Phoenix and the Watch
Colored pencils and Photoshop (borders and texture)
Original size: 21,5 x 32,5 cm

awardAward: Zazzle "Today's Best" 2007-05-10

 Prints and other products (Zazzle)
Medusa illustration Medusa
Pencils and Photoshop (background)
Original size: A4

 Prints and other products (Zazzle)
eros watercolours painting Eros
Watercolors on paper
Original size: 24 x 32 cm
Photoshop used to add borders.

 Prints and other products (Zazzle)

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