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   Fantasy - Magic   

Magic (or witchcraft) is a means for people to magically affect the world around them using symbols, rituals, spells and other supernatural forces. In fantasy magic is a supernatural power endowed to characters or objects.

Here are some of my drawings and paintings featuring magic themes.

wizard ink drawing Wizard
Pen and ink on paper
Photoshop used to add borders.
Original size: A4

awardAward: Zazzle "Today's Best" 2007-04-13 (mug) and 2009-03-20 (magnet)

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pumpkin head witch illustration Halloween II
Pencils and Photoshop (color and background)
Original size: A4

awardAward: Winner of DA SashasInnovations "Halloween contest" (2006).

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witch pencil drawing Halloween
Pencils on paper
Photoshop used to add the outter black background.
Original size: A4

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witch watercolours painting Blue Witch (2)
Watercolors and Photoshop
Original size: A4

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The original version of this one was my first try with watercolors and I've kinda adopted it as the symbol of my site and my avatar.
red-haired witch color pencils drawing Red-haired Witch II
Colored pencils and acrylics on paper
Original size: A4

I've made this one for a contest on Elfwood.

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red-haired witch illustration Red-haired Witch
Watercolors, pastels and colored pencils on paper
Original size: A3

awardAward: Elfwood "Mod's Choice" 2004-07-25

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