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Portraits of people and animals drawn/painted using photos as reference.
people portrait
People portrait Animal portrait
men, women and children wild animals and pets


Galleries organized by subject.

dragons unicorns fairies mythology
Dragons Unicorns Faeries Mythology
dragons unicorns fairies, sprites mythology
and folklore

magic elves Tolkien
Magic Elves Tolkien
wizards, witches, sorcerers... elf, elves,
elven, drows
J.R.R. Tolkien books
and The Lord of the Rings movies

elementals seasons esoteric fantasy
Elementals Seasons Esoteric Fantasy (other)
elementals, elements, water, earth, fire, air... spring, summer, autumn, winter esoterism, angels, zodiac, tarot... miscellaneous fantasy themes

science fiction men woman miscellaneous
Sci-Fi Men Women Miscellaneous
science fiction themes men,
male figure
female figure


Very stylized drawings/paintings.
anime / manga chibi
Anime & manga style Chibi style
artworks in
anime / manga style
artworks in
chibi and cute cartoon style

  Commissioned works  

Drawings, paintings and illustrations made for clients.

commissioned portraits commissioned animal portraits commissioned characters
People portraits Animal portraits Characters
portraits of men, woman, children portraits of pets
and wild animals
original characters
and fanarts

ex-libris commissioned tattoo design other commissioned artworks
Ex libris Tattoo Other
ex-libris, bookplates tattoo design other subjects
© E. D. Siffert. All rights reserved.