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 Zazzle store - My store powered by Zazzle. Products / merchandise / gifts. All products are customizable. Posters, binders, invitations, letterhead, stationery, t-shirts, flyers, rack cards, postage, cards, mugs, calendars, business cards, keds shoes, pet clothing, aprons, bags, bumper stickers, buttons, hats, keychains, magnets, mousepads, postcards, skateboards, stickers, ties, coasters, ornaments, iPad cases, iPhone cases, necklaces, invitations, envelopes, labels, photo sculptures.

 DeviantART shop - My store powered by DeviantART. Photo Prints, Greeting Cards and Postcards.

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 Fine Art Prints Store - Open edition reproductions of my fine art works are available as museum quality prints (giclee) at my store powered by Fine Arts America. Fine art prints (giclee) on paper and canvas.

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 Enaile D. Siffert - My fine arts site - (in English and Portuguese)

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 Facebook - Become a fan on my Facebook page. (in English and Portuguese)

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 DeviantART - Miscellaneous art - (in English)

 Epilogue - Fantasy and sci-fi art - (in English)

 Elfwood - Fantasy art - (in English)

 Fantastic Portfolios - Fantasy art - (in English)

 ArtWanted - Miscellaneous art - (in English)

 Fanart Central - Fanarts - (in English)

 Stars Portraits - Celebrities portraits - (in English)

 Fine Art America - Fine arts - (in English)

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 Black River Weyr - "The Black River Weyr Wiki is an on-going project to build a player-created free commentary and encyclopedia to the corner of Perndom in which Black River and its territories reside." (in English)

 Lyserg Sands - American psychedelic and experimental rock band Lyserg Sands. (in English)

 Shadow Siege - "Shadow Siege is a free, immersive text-based roleplaying game commonly referred to as a 'MUD'". (in English)

 John Belg - Blog about the book "John Belg - A saga de um Herói" by J. Henrique. (in Portuguese)

 Kalantara Cattery - Persian and exotic cats. (in Portuguese and English)

 Echoes of Albion - Online RPG (MUD) site. (in English)

 Tales of Arda by Berry - Site of J. R. R. Tolkien fan. (in English)

 Steno - Canadian writer Stéphane Normandin. (in French)

 Dinastia Transformers - Fan blog dedicated to Transformers. (in Portuguese)

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  Miscellaneous sites  

 R.I.G.H.T.S. - Information about online copyright - (in English).

 U.S. Copyright Office - (in English).

 Correios - The brazilian Post Office site - (in Portuguese).

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