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E. D. "Luna" Siffert is the designer of this site and the author of the art published in it.

To know more about the artist see biography.

Contact: edsiffert@yahoo.com
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All images, texts and graphics on this site are copyrighted to © E. D. Siffert unless otherwise stated.

You can buy prints and other products featuring my artwork on my online stores. To know more about originals, prints and other products for sale please see the Shop section.

I'm also available for commissioned work. Please, see the Commission section.

  Copyright and Image Usage  

All images, text and graphics on this site are copyrighted to © E. D. Siffert unless otherwise stated.

My artwork cannot be reproduced, redistributed or altered in any way without permission.

I DO NOT allow tubes, cliparts, websets, e-mail stationery, avatars, banners, signatures, tattoos, etc to be made from my art. Sorry.

I do allow my art to be used on the internet for personal / non-profit / non-commercial purposes as long as you mind all the following rules:

  • Do not modify the image in any way.
  • Do not change titles or characters names.
  • Provide a link to my website, preferably close to the actual image.
  • My works can not be used on sites that promote prejudice, hate, pornography or illegal stuff.
  • If you would like to display more than 5 pieces of my art on your website, please contact me first.

Images that are copyrighted to a third party, licensed or adopted pieces and the commissioned ones are completely off limits. Do not use them in any way.

If you want an artwork for printing, commercial use / publishing / licensing, please e-mail me so that we can negotiate the terms.

If you wish to learn more about copyright please visit R.I.G.H.T.S. and U.S. Copyright Office sites.


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The front page of the english version of this site. News and updates.
 Information (this page)
Information about the site and the artist, newsletter, copyrights, image usage and site map.
        Biography - Information about the artist, exhibitions, awards, etc.
My artwork galleries. Images and info about my illustrations, drawings and paintings.
 People portrait - men, women and children.
 Animal portrait - wild animals and pets.
 Dragons - dragons.
 Elementals - elementals, elements, water, earth, fire, air...
 Elves - elf, elves, elven, drows.
 Esoteric - esoterism, angels, zodiac, tarot...
 Fairies - fairies / faeries, sprites.
 Fantasy (other) - Miscellaneous fantasy themes.
 Magic - wizards, witches, sorcerers...
 Men - men, male figure.
 Miscellaneous - assorted themes.
 Mythology - mythology and folklore.
 Seasons - Spring, summer, autumn, winter.
 Sci-Fi - science fiction themes.
 Tolkien - J.R.R. Tolkien books and The Lord of the Rings movies.
 Unicorns - unicorns.
 Women - women, female figure.
 Anime & manga style - artworks in anime / manga style.
 Chibi style - artworks in chibi / sd (super deformed) and cute cartoon style.
 Commissioned works - portraits, characters, tattoos, etc made for clients
Information about my art stores and the products on sale. Originals, prints, products, merchandise, gifts, image files, licensing, etc.
        Originals on sale - Buy my drawings and paintings. Information, images, etc.
Information about commissions (people portraits, animal portraits, character design, tattoo design, illustration, coat of arms, etc). Contact, payment, work process, traditional and digital commission, delivery, prices, sizes, mediums, etc.
The site section dedicated to my portrait work. Drawings and paintings of people and animals, using photos as reference. Information, commission, image galleries, etc.
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        Luna Art Store - My store powered by Zazzle. Products / merchandise / gifts. All products are customizable. Posters, binders, invitations, letterhead, stationery, t-shirts, flyers, rack cards, postage, cards, mugs, calendars, business cards, keds shoes, pet clothing, aprons, bags, bumper stickers, buttons, hats, keychains, magnets, mousepads, postcards, skateboards, stickers, ties, coasters, ornaments, iPad cases, iPhone cases, necklaces, invitations, envelopes, labels, photo sculptures.
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