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   Fantasy - Dragons   

Dragons (from Greek "drakon", great serpent) are mythological creatures featured as gigantic reptiles (serpents or lizards), usually with magical powers. Dragons occur in legends from many cultures and are very popular in modern fantasy.

Here are some of my drawings and paintings featuring dragons.

green dragon drawing Green Dragon
Metallic colored pencils on black paper
Original size: 21,5 x 32,5 cm

awardAward: Elfwood "Mod's Choice" 2002-11-28

 Prints and other products (Zazzle)
(tattoo design)
Ink and Photoshop
Original size: 31 x 22 cm

 Commissioned work
Client: F. R. S. (Brazil)
The Lady and the Dragon
Pencils on paper
Original size: A3
dragon ink drawing Dragon in a Cave
Pen and ink on paper
Original size: A4
dragon pencils drawing Dragon
Pencils on paper
Original size: A4
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